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Tips to Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue in 2021

Tips to Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue in 2021

Want to boost your AdSense earnings? Check out these tips to get your site into the best shape to make money with AdSense.

Monetizing your website with AdSense is the easiest way to make money online. With enough legwork, you can easily boost your earnings from AdSense. In this article, we’ll show you how to increase your Google AdSense earnings using easy tips.

Tips to Boost Your Google AdSense Revenue in 2021


1. Create High-Quality Content


The best way of getting more clicks and increasing your revenue is by creating valuable content for your visitors. By generating traffic, you are increasing your chances of getting clicks. And by attracting people, your site becomes attractive for advertisers. You need to Create unique, valuable content.


2. Optimize your user experience


One thing that hurts many site owners is user experience. You may have the greatest content and the best ad placement possible, but if your site doesn’t load on mobile devices or loads slowly, you could lose a lot of your visitors long before they get the chance to consume your content or click on your ads. Here are some tutorials for WordPress that you can customize or optimize your site.


3. Give your visitors multiple channels back to your site.


Don’t let your visitors forget about your site. Your header, sidebar, end of content, and footer are the perfect places to include multiple channels that visitors can connect with you so they can follow you. You should include options such as email opt-ins and social networks. That way, each time you produce or promote a piece of content, you can remind your visitor about your site and hopefully get them back to potentially click on more of your AdSense ads.


4. SEO – Search Engine Optimization


You need to optimize site search engine rank. You really need to index site contents to search engines. (google search console, Bing, Yandex and all search engines) Advertise your site, Get backlinks, Optimize your site SEO and get more traffic to your site. It means you get more traffic you earn more. Here are some SEO Tutorials.


5. Search for High Paying Keywords


When your articles feature high paying keywords within a niche, you’ll get ads that fit within the parameters of the topic. Having the ads to match to good keywords means you’ll increase your revenue and typically get more clicks.

Finding high paying keywords is a breeze. Google has a free Keyword Planner tool that allows you to search for numerous keywords, phrases, or websites and find out what keywords people are searching for. You can sort the information by price so the highest pay per click words appear at the top of the list.


6. Add Google AdSense Automated Ads

Auto ads scan your entire site and place ads where they’re likely to perform well and potentially generate more revenue. Auto ads automatically place and optimize your ads for you so you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself. Auto ads analyze your pages and find new places to show ads based on your layout, content, and existing Google ads.

Auto ads automatically adjust to every screen. No need to do anything extra for your mobile or responsive site.


7. Maximize earnings with ad size optimization


Smarter ad sizing automatically adapts ads to the size of your user’s screen, meaning more ads will be eligible to fill your ad units, potentially leading to an increase in revenue.

Responsive ads adapt to different screen sizes automatically, whether on smartphone, desktop, or tablet. More ads bid for your ad space potentially increasing your revenue.


And also check these,


  • Does your site have a privacy policy?
  • What type of content does your site have?
  • Does your site have enough traffic?
  • Target High paying countries?

When you use Google AdSense, the sky’s the limit. Google gives bloggers all they need to be successful. If you have any problem click here to get support from TechEdutricks Community. And also share your ideas with us!!

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