How to skip the cart and go straight to checkout in WooCommerce

How to skip the cart and go straight to checkout in WooCommerce

As a store owner, your ultimate goal is to make the purchase process more convenient for your customers. There are different things you can do to achieve that. For instance, you can introduce a one-page checkout, remove unnecessary checkout fields, organize your products by brand, add a quick view button, and so on.

This article will focus on how you can skip the Cart Page in WooCommerce to simplify the shopping process and boost your conversion rates.

It will most likely increase your conversion rate because it removes a step (“the cart page”) from the purchasing process. Your customers will leap to the checkout page, ready to pay!

The easiest option is to skip the cart page is to use a plugin. So that let’s use the “Direct Checkout for WooCommerce” plugin to skip the cart page.

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Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Direct Checkout allows you to simplify the checkout process and increase your conversion rates.
Redirect your customers from the product page to the checkout and let them edit and confirm the order on the same page.

Features in Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

  • Redirect your users directly to the checkout page reducing the total checkout process to one step.
  • With WooCommerce Direct, you can include the cart form on the checkout page, allowing users to edit the cart and confirm the order on the same page.
  • Easily remove unnecessary fields and speed up the check-out process. You can get rid of fields order comments, shipping address, coupon form, policy text, terms and conditions, and more.

  • The WooCommerce Ajax add to cart function allows your users to include single, grouped, or variable products in the cart without the need to reload the entire site each time.
  • Include a button to display a quick view of the WooCommerce shop page and products categories.

How to skip the cart and go straight to checkout in WooCommerce

1. Install Direct Checkout for WooCommerce Plugin (Plugins > Add New > Direct Checkout for WooCommerce)

2. Activate the plugin and visit WooCommerce > Settings > Direct Checkout

3. Now change Added to cart redirect to “YES” and also Added to cart redirect to the “Checkout” page.

Using this option when a user clicks on Buy Now button, the user will redirect to the Checkout Page. If the user wants to go to Cart Page and add more products or use coupons, the user can also visit the cart page.

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