How to connect my site to Google Analytics and Search Console?

How to connect my site to Google Analytics and Search Console?

How to connect my site to Google Analytics

Knowing how to set up Google Analytics will help you access a wealth of information about your website’s visitors.

Why you need Google Analytics
  • Amount of traffic your site gets overall
  • The websites your traffic came from
  • Individual page traffic
  • Amount of leads converted
  • The websites your leads came form
  • Demographic information of visitors (e.g. where they live)
  • Whether your traffic comes from mobile or desktop
  • And more…
How to connect my site to Google Analytics and Search Console?
Get started with Analytics

To Get started with Analytics you need a google account. We think you have one. if you do not have create google account and visit google.com/analytics/ to Create a google analytics account.

1. Setup your Account.

2. Add property

3. Tell About your business.

If you have already Account. It’s very simple. You have to do is sign in to your google analytics account and create new property.

1. Click on Admin (Left site bottom)

2. Create property.

3. Fill the details.

4. Save it.

Add Google Analytics tag code to your site

1. Click on Setup Assistant

2. Now Click on Tag installation and Add Stream if not show your site. (web)

3. Now Click on site link arrow

4. On Tagging Instructions you can find the Google Analytics tag code (Global site tag).

5. Now add code to the site header.

6. On your WordPress site click on Appearance > Theme Editor. Then find the header.php file and paste the global site tag into the <head> section of your HTML.

7. Now click Update.

8. On Tagging Instructions page Click on Use existing on-page tag.

9. On Additional Settings click on Connected site Tags.

10. Enter ID of tag and nickname to connect. Then click on Connect. After that you will see Connected tags.

Now All things are done. Wait some minutes and check the analytics dashboard.


How to connect my site to Search Console?

Do you know we really need to submit website to Google Search Console. If we want to grow google page rank we have submit website to search console.

Google Search Console is a must-have tool for all site owners as it gives you an incredible amount of information about how your site is doing in search. We strongly advise you to connect your website to Google Search Console to fully benefit from all the insights.

What is Search Console and why should you add it?

Google’s free tool Search Console gives site owners loads of tools to check how their site performs. Not only does it show how your site is doing under the hood, but also how searchers see your site in the search results. You’ll get information on keywords and queries that bring traffic, find out which rich search results your content has earned and discover how your mobile site is doing.

How to add my site to search console using Cloudflare?

We are adding your site to Search Console using Cloudflare DNS.

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1. Go to Google Search Console.
Login or click ‘Start Now’, if needed.

2. Click ‘Add a property’ under the search drop-down.
You can add up to 1000 properties to your Google Search Console account.

3. Enter your website URL in the box and click ‘Continue’.

4. Now you need to verify your ownership. (Choose Any DNS provider)

5. Sign in to your Cloudflare account. Then Copy the TXT record and paste on Cloudflare for the DNS configuration.

6. On Cloudflare you need to Add new TXT Record.


7. Then save it.

8. Now your ownership verified and click on the verify button on search console.

How to add Sitemaps on Search Console?

Now Let’s add Sitemaps on Search Console, In left sidebar click on the Sitemap tab. Now you can add sitemap URLs. Some example links are here,


All done. We hope this article helps you.

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