How to clone your WordPress site

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How to clone your WordPress site - 1 Click clone very easy
How to clone your WordPress site - 1 Click clone very easy

How to clone your WordPress site

There are many reasons that you may want to clone a WordPress website. These can include testing new plugins, trying new themes, or moving your site to a new server.

It’s actually very easy to make a copy of your WordPress site using Softaculous Apps Installer from cPanel.

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How to clone your WordPress site

Click here to find What is the Best Hosting Service? This is very simple and easy for who has Softaculous Apps Installer in your cPanel.

1. Log in to your cPanel.

2. Search “Softaculous Apps Installer“.

Softaculous App installer cPanel

3. Visit Softaculous Apps Installer page and click on WordPress or All Installation  (top menu).

Softaculous Apps Installer page

4. Now scroll down and find your all scripts and click on clone button (See Screenshot)

script installations page

5. After that you will redirected to new page (Cloning WordPress). In that page you can change Clone Installation Details.

  • Choose Installation URL
  • Database Name
  • Site Settings

clon wordpress

6. Fill the form and click on Clone Installation button.

click clone button to clone wordpress

7. Now in few minutes / seconds your WordPress site will be cloned.

All done. If you have any problem click here to get support from TechEdutricks Community. And also share your ideas with us!!

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